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Zheshen Zhang
Zheshen ZhangAssociate ProfessorElectrical Engineering and Computer Science


EECS 398: Introduction to Quantum Information Technologies

Winter 2023, Winter 2024 (co-taught with Prof. Jay Guo)

The development of quantum mechanics in the first half of the twentieth century has transformed our understanding of the physical world and brought about unprecedented advance in modern technology. Since the 1980’s the introduction of quantum mechanics into information processing has led to new paradigms in communications, sensing, and computation. The progress made in this 2nd quantum wave has fueled the rapidly growing business (currently >$1B, startups >$1.7B), with Alibaba, Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft already launching commercial quantum-computing cloud services. A new wave of quantum-based sensing, communications, artificial intelligence and many more are coming. As a result, there will be a huge market for QISE skilled engineers in both quantum hardware and algorithms in the coming years.

This course will provide the students with the foundational knowledge to understand the development of this rapidly evolving field, leading to the discussion of new technologies. We will address how the mysterious quantum phenomena are brought to real-world realizations that will further advance our knowledge. With the fundamental principles of quantum information science introduced, the second half of the semester will focus on photonic realization because of its appeal in delivering near-term quantum technologies that would create far-reaching societal impacts. By the end of the course, the students will grasp a fundamental understanding for quantum information and be able to bridge quantum physical phenomena and new technologies for communication, sensing, and computing.

No prior knowledge of quantum mechanics, classical computing or information is assumed. Useful knowledge about physics and optics will be introduced on the fly. We welcome students from various background and disciplines, such as ECE, CSE, MSE, ME, and Physics, etc.

EECS 434: Principles of Photonics

Fall 2023

EECS 434 is an introductory course to photonics, optoelectronics, lasers, and fiber-optics. The course will cover topics including polarization, reflection at interfaces, refraction, light propagation, interferometers, guided wave optics, and other fundamental concepts in optics and photonics. Other more advanced topics include resonator optics, lasers, optical communications, semiconductor photonics, and the basics of quantum photonics.